Edit Suite ROOF Repair THANKS

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Thanks to the helpers who made the BASES edit suite roof repairs happen. Next is heat insulation, now we don’t have the rot to deal with..hope it will last five plus years.. main thing is the water is leaving the roof and not being soaked up by it.
The help also assisted in repairs to the vehicle, the original custom made exhaust was a farce by Torque Teknik.. now closed…due to the proprietor passing on…(You don’t spot weld exhausts..jeezzzz)
The original exhaust was so badly damaged from road humps, the car had to be raised up. Over the years I have used Su

Current studio project is to build 2 quiet SKYPE PCs & a streamer PC The idea is to have TWO seperate SKYPE channels, so isolated full screen guests can be used, instead of the forced multi screen you get. The rack mount streaming PC will be used for conferences etc. It was first used in Dublin, and performed well. But as it fans can get noisy , its not suitable for the studio.

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