Dynamic Earth 2019 Bath University

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Short blog on this scientific conference, exploring the dynamic Electric energy issues with the sun and the solar system. SCIENCE is now a Dogma and a total lie and fabrication, as transmitted by our faithful lying broadcasters, as regulated by OFCOM.
Lie and after lie.
Here academics and scientists get to grips with whats going on. It started with an impromptu talk by Pyers Corbin who has successfully predicated weather for decades. (Including today’s earthquakes in the US)
At this conference he stated that the now declining energy from the sun is producing a cooling effect on th earth with a real probability of a formal Ice Age starting as this 22 year cycle ends… Full scale Ice age is facing us in a couple of decades.
Now we face imminent crop failures and huge dynamic temperature changes, as the atmosphere takes on more and more water…. to fall as snow, and thus causing the runaway effect of increasing cooling. Extinction Rebellion is a promotor for 5G which will kill millions. The electric car farce, shown up for the fraud it is…. and a great deal more discussed at this science conference. See their website for details

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