Dave Staffen

Dave Staffen was born into a satanic cult family in Canada and received trauma-based mind control as a child. Dave was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse since very early childhood. Together with Canadian Therapist Sandra Fecht and Researcher Frances Toews, Dave has worked to identify and heal the post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from his experiences. As a result he completely and irrevocably transformed into a man whose purpose is to lovingly make known the prevalence of cults, secrets societies and the practice of Satanism. He also intends to make known the unique, energetic healing methods that made his miraculous transformation possible, as well as the fact that every human being on earth is doing the best they can possibly do at this moment in time due to their present spiritual development.

Talk: Finding Your Loving Essence

Talk description: Dave will share his personal story on how he overcame the post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from his experiences as a child.

Email: davestaffen88@gmail.com