DANIEL DOCHERTY Mysterious Universe Sep 2022

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Mysterious Universe 2022 – Avebury, By Maria Wheatley,
at Avebury Sports and Social Club. 3rd Sep 2022.

DANIEL DOCHERTY has been practising sacred geometry since studying with Keith Critchlow in the early 2000s. In 2015 he co-founded Sacred Art of Geometry (SAOG Studios) at Emerson College, East Sussex, where he leads and hosts numerous short courses focussed on the practice and philosophy of sacred geometry and the arts of the Quadrivium. Like a geometric pattern unfolding in space and time – from point, line and plane through sub-grid to completed pattern – so too have the lines and lives of artists and educators Kira Orsak and Daniel Docherty crossed and interwoven to form the pattern that is today http://www.sacredartofgeometry.com

A shared love of Wendell Berry and working with alternative and healing agricultural practices (a further layer of the pattern revealed); a love of the Perennial Philosophy; Wonderment; the Temenos Academy and the ‘Ten Basic Principles’ that inspire its work – all embrace and truly nourish the soul. Of course, the hands and heart play their part too.

Kira was part of the next metamorphosis: The Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts department of RCA to the Prince’s Foundation (VITA) became The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) – Plato’s Academy based on the Principles of Truth, Beauty and Goodness – thriving in London’s East End, a veritable hub of soul science, of alchemical and geometric wizardry!

Now is the time for renewed impetus … to realign the Arts and Soul Sciences and our connection with them to the Sacred; we invite you to join us at our beautiful SAOG Studios, set in the heart of the idyllic Emerson College campus (adjoining Tablehurst Farm – our initial ‘home’) and a mere stone’s throw from London, Brighton and Gatwick Airport, to experience how Geometry, the language of the ‘ever-true, the eternally existent’, can be a powerful means to this end.

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