Climate Change Masterclass with Piers Corbyn Ep Three (2nd Edition)

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Piers Corbyn is the a key source of research in the climate of the planet, with some key information based on the Electric Universe science. Such as Electric Field effects from the sun. Go to his site weatheraction dot com for full details

Due to the complete failure of existing media, and the ‘bought’ science, or “Scientism” from the BBC and our “trusted” sources of information, this short series of Masterclasses into the actual Science, not The Wikipedia pure lies and half truths delivered by organisations such as YouTube, is provided as a key Reference to what is ACTUALLY happening.

The researcher is encouraged to download these and make DVDs, to distribute privately, as the exisiting internet services are clearly motivated to provide lies and deceit in this vital issue.

Class 3 of a series of 4 short classes

The Wikipedia banner YouTube place on this file contains dis information and illustrates YouTube’s compliance with fraudulent information.
Go to ‘maverickstar reloaded’ on how they ‘out’ Wikipedia for lies and half truths on this matter

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