Chris O’Kane Mysterious Universe Sep 2022

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Mysterious Universe 2022 – Avebury, By Maria Wheatley,
at Avebury Sports and Social Club. 3rd Sep 2022.

The Pharaoh, the Stars, and the Red Planet Mars
Chris will focus on ancient Egypt, a civilisation that lasted over 3,000 years. It is now clear that astronomy played a large part in kingship and religious beliefs. Who were their Gods? What was a Pharaoh? With focus on the Sun as the most important god in ancient Egypt, analysis of astronomical observations reveals there is a lot more to it than just the apparent movements of the Sun. It seems that the god of kingship had a planetary aspect and that this god, Horakhti, is in fact the red planet Mars. Chris will look at the role of the planet Mars in temple ritual and its importance in religious and mythological beliefs. He will also discuss the relevance of Mars today and the implications for our current beliefs. New discoveries about Mars lead us to think that there is more of a connection between Mars and ancient Egypt than we may have thought.

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