Cathi MorganCathi Morgan is a researcher of MKULTRA and other covert manipulations of the public. She came to this research when investigating why her twin sister and she were monitored and examined regularly as children.  When she started to research the organisation responsible she began to discover links between the UK and MKULTRA (the CIA’s covert mind control experiments).  Through investigating her own background, she was able to trace the development of population studies in the UK and their links to eugenics and MKULTRA and wider social agendas. She currently lives in Dingle, Ireland.

Talk: My Story – Covert Eugenics, MKULTRA and Ireland

Talk description: Cathi will share her ongoing research into UK Mind Control from a personal perspective in an attempt to stimulate research and discussion of the topic. By exploring her own background she has uncovered links to MKULTRA as well as covert research programs related to post WW11 eugenic population studies.