BASES2022 Fast Blast Update After Conference July 29th-22

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After the successful three day Conference at in Wiltshire, July 8th -10th, major issues occurred making All edit computers unusable, and damaged, and or major dumping of drives, and repairs.
Two important components were found damaged in the audio equipment, and the laptop used was “coffee damaged”.
Prior to the event major digital components were damaged or rendered unusable, requiring major replacements, at additional costs, almost the main projector was going to be replaced,

Finally after weeks of repairs and rebuilding the 4 computers, and dumping data to replacement hard drives, an edit was possible
This fast blast is just a heads up, to get the news out.

Also other conferences during a very busy conference season, ending with the return of the famous Glastonbury Symposium, and “A night of Crop Circles” by the Dutch crew, in the Coronation Hall in Alton Barnes.. Busy!

This has been a major financial setback for the project, and donations and help is requested, with 1,500 page views at the Eventbrite, who take 2 weeks to pay, and very few actual paid attendees.

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