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Richard Jones
Richard Jones was brought up inside the heart of the Military Industrial Complex where the bugging of KGB headquarters in East Berlin by his father in
the seventies avoided an imminent nuclear first strike and led the way to peace. Richard trained in Astrophysics specializing in Relativistic Cosmology.
While working at Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories he helped in the decision making on nuclear reactor design which led to the abandonment of the very
hazardous fast breeder reactor. Richard’s ancestry hails from Cornwall and his family’s role is one of forewarning potential cataclysms. The family crest
is a Chough or raven like bird battling a snake like plant.
Richard will present a project designed to reduce the confusion and conflict in the world by balancing the electric and magnetic forces between the Earth
and the Solar System. The presentation shows how the megalithic structures on the Earth are designed to balance astronomical forces through resonance
with the Moon and Sun using the mental agency of people.

Contact him to support his project:-
Wachusett Reef June 2020
Skype : birdwithbranch
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