Bases2016 Cathi Morgan MK Ultra & Beyond, Bases 30 Session 2 part 3

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BASES 2016 conference edit, Cathi Morgan’s Bases 30 Session 2, part 3, presents her work on the scale and intricate detail of MK-Ultra in Britain’s governmental infra structure, and her direct relationship to many of those involved is staggering. In this first BASES 2016 conference edit, she goes into intense depth mentioning the many names of those cross referenced between many important orgnanisations. The researcher should be left in doubt the massive ornganisations control these herding creatures have on human beings, so crucial in Britain’s every level of society.

Nina Valentine’s Bases 29 witness statement, in her work, showed the connection with the National Health Service and the Scottish National Party. In Bases 30 Session 2 Parts 1 &2, Cathi’s detailed connection with William of Orange and what that involves in Ireland, goes further.

The scale of the Predatory influence and control of the Nephilim, able to exist in two basic humanI bioframes for more than 2,000 years (Indio, and Yehudim), ETs predator in their pathalogical herding and control of humanity is massive.

We had many issues at the Bases 2016 international conferenece, one was the sound. so apologies for a 20 mins issue in this edit.

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