Bases Times and the Fake News Scam Feb 2017

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The Fake News agenda is one reason we require sources of information we can trust, and this is the purpose of the Bases Times. Mainstream has been outed for their fake news, now an attack on all independent on line sources of non mainstream information is in work, using trojan sites, such as the one featured in this Sunday Times article on Sean Adl-Tabatabal. Highlighting a feature this week (mid Feb 2017) on the mainstream on Fake News.
This Sunday Times feature on a former ‘The People’s Voice’ director is a classic double agenda. Create the fake news site, highlight it’s scandalous reputation, and then go after all sites which are not “trusted and correct Mainstream” and shut down the sources of real information, some of which outed the lies and disinformation from the puppet mainstream stations and networks in the first place.

Thus in this example, TPV was to fail from day 1. David Icke’s very key ‘man’ in charge was the sabateur, who then moved on to his YourNewsWire. As Icke would say. Problem, Reaction, Solution.
I was there and saw it from the inside of TPV. I was in the process of pointing out the sabotage, only to realise the person I was speaking to was one of them.
There were people there who knew of Scuttlers, and there was the ‘portla’ in the TPV Gallery, and Studio. TPV was well loaded from before trhe very start, and man in charge was a key 5th columninst.

So The Bases Times is an online news paper to enable researchers and journalists and means to write the real news and research. Bases going from a solely video media based rsearcher’s resource to a text, based source.

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