Bases Positional Statement after Take Down Aug-21

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This is a positional statement, as now its time to take stock of what is left in the Archive. 8 big drives are damaged and the costs to recover exceed £3,000. This is a massive reduction, as each drive normally takes £1,200 to recover by commercial companies. That would have been over £10,000 to recover.

So help is requested, so the almost 12 TB of lost data can be recovered
Since the July BASES2021, a great deal has happened, within days the main Bases Project megawatts1066 site was destroyed by YouTube.
Another extremely serious personal issue has happened at the end of July, which cannot be discussed on social media. Also many many fiends and associates before the conference were warned off..silence.. several pulled out. Its clear a campaign is in progress.
When this is done, it means people can get their own full complete copy of the 30 odd years of BASES

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