Bases One Part 3 Sofia Section 1

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Bases One 2021 update recommences with a new witness who reconfirms Barry Kings data and that of James Casbolt, with Part 3. Recorded almost 25 years since Bases One was shot in the heat of the summer of 1995
This is session 1 of 3.Divided into three sections. Bases 1 Part 3
‘Sofia’, born on the African baby farms describes in further detail, tunnels connected to Windsor Castle, the Queen Mother, and a local business with special food products.
Weaponised Laser Rifles. Which are dedicated to the user, trained in the UK’s Multiple alien base subsurface bases.
Bases in Warminster, confirmed by completely different sources, which agree exactly with “Sofia”.

This complex and extremely detail 3rd session with Sofia, recorded in June 2021, for Bases One, the first insight into Britain’s alien bases, “deep underneath”

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