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Update from Duncan Davis, read by Miles, with graphic inserts,some detail supplied below, too long for the text box limit, but you get my drift….

Many of you have now seen the #tiktokcurse and #tiktokdead videos made to effect the world’s leading Satanic Evil thieves and plunderers. The videos manifested much loss for the Sanhedrin Deep State illuminati and their minions.
Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, Microsoft, A-List divorce announcements, Joe Biden falling on the steps of Air Force One, French fighter jet billionaire manufacturer and Czechoslovakian number one billionaire double helicopter crash and the EverGiven /EverGreen ship which caused billions of dollars lost via the illuminati global supply chain just to name a few. Because of this real threat to the Sanhedrin illuminati some counter moves have recently been made as I will explain.

The New Illuminati move for the counter move is to give the use of Psychic Warfare(TM) to the public for use on all the families that own the banking system of the West and Joe Biden.

The entire world runs on Kabbalah and there are very few people that know or even understand the true workings, the complexity and the damage this has done to humanity as a whole. These few are the ones that move the pieces over the global checkerboard. Many secret society, mystery school members, religious ones even light-workers all believe they have the power to move and shake the world, they don’t. All pawns on the board.

Egypt: Recently 22 Royal Mummies were transported to a new museum with an elaborate public display named the “Pharaoh’s Golden Parade”. The Pharaoh’s were from old Egypt and paraded in order of age from oldest to new. The parade started in a square. There were 18 Kings and 6 Queens of old Egypt.
There are 22 paths of the Kabbalistic tree. 18 male is the 666 and the 4 female for April (4th month). The 4th Sefirot of the Tree used to start the manifestation.
The Ipsissimus Nephilim Psi-Lord’s father is Turkish and descended from Egypt.
To manifest a sacrifice on the global board one must move the Supernal Triangle in the male
Tree.The Supernal Triangle consists of the bottom three Sefirot of The Tree Of Life.
The next move is to Chesed the 4th Sefirot to Da’at the 11th Sefirot. So Chesed and the path of Vau is to sacrifice and bring Supernal Energy into manifestation to kill the leading male, the highest global threat to the Deep State illuminati being the Psi Lord Ipsissimus Tim Rifat.

As the Illuminati are incurring an avalanche of karma due to the smart counteractive moves which dumps all Psychic Warfare (TM) karma onto chaos evil meaning they needed to work a way to divert that karma. As there is no working mechanism to divert the karma onto Psychic Warfare (TM) users the Sanhedrin masters created a way by making a sacrificial Wickerman of one if their own. This Wickerman is Joe Biden, previous wife and his sons. This is why the newspapers and Mi5 BBC stitched up Hunter Biden “King” (the Son Vau) by exposing secrets to his private life proving that Hunter is already cursed and hellized.
6th April, 6th Vau, 4th Chesod.
The realisation by the Sanhedrin Deep State Illuminati of the impossible task of killing the Psi Lord Ipsissimus has led to many recent changes on the world stage. Miley Cyrus wearing the number 25 football shirt is the male principle removed from the Fib number 89 by the Pentagon Death Machine to kill the Psi Lord and our counter move was to invert the mathematical equations of the Western Freemasonic Obelisks so they pump out the 89 and turn the Western Obelisks into Deep State Illuminati kill zones. Washington and Boston having the two most important obelisks in this equation.
I have said many times that everyone below the Inner Core Sanhedrin and the Illuminati banking families are all pawns to the Illuminati and I mean everyone even those that believe they have their feet firmly under the table. Very few people are protected from this evil.


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