Bases Lectures 2019 Julie Phelps 2

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Julie Phelps is an ex RAF Forces Abductee, MILAB and RAF ground support engine specialist, and multiple ED-ET Life form sentient being experiencer.
In the second and final part of her Bases Lectures 2019 series, she describes many different kinds of so called ET beings, and interface with ET craft systems. These are non huminoid, some are Huge Draco Human eating (Reference to Human trafficking) beings… who ask “you eat cows and!?”
Why should we dumb ass humans think we are top of the food chain. Are Dracos so bad.. as we are so stupid… You get what’s coming ..

This is part of an intense disclosure process in progress.Julie refers to imprsioned souls, and violation of Universal laws, in reference to what is going on, on earth right now. (Clouds House????)

This is the final Bases 2019 conference or “micro-conference” event.

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