Bases In America Melinda Leslie Part 2

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The interviews at the 2017 International UFO Congress continue, with this second hor with multiple abductee and MILAB abductee, Melinda Leslie, who was first interviewed for Bases in 1995, in Bases 2.
Here Melinda continues with the mass Milab at teh 2013 Super Soldier Summit. She goes into her own Alien experiences, and then gives comment on the Max Spiers Jump Room, which SHE used 20 years earlier. Melinda nly met Max at the Summit in 2013, and gave a final word after the main interview finished.
Melinda can talk for a long time on her vast experience, and shares some with Miesha Johnston, part 1 in this series.

During teh brief break between hr 1 and 2, we met Kerry Cassidy outside the door, and so Melinda was later interviewed for Project Camelot as well. Please see Kerry’s interview as its on the same subjects as those covered in these 2 hrs.

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