Bases In America 2017 Dave King Witness Statement

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Astral Warrior… Super Soldier… David King came to me as a witness at the International UFO Congress, at WeKoPa Resort, Fort McDowell in Feb, as I was shooting the Bases in America interviews. Here he gives his first public statement on his expierences in the “Astral domain” as an interdimensional soldier, Fighting an interdimensional war. The ability to cause physical damage usinga an “Astral” or out of body soldier, programmed before entry into the so called Astral domain

Here he refrences Matt Todd, from earlier Bases interviews. Matt is an associate of James Casbolt, one of the British Super Soldiers… now gone underground, and out of contact.
One of Matt’s specialiatities was makinga series of Tesla weapons, a “zucker punch” and DOR weapons. what people call completely incorrcetly as “Orgonite”, without a clue what they are doing. (Matt’s biggest customer was the RAF)

So her we have completely raw, and firt time on camera.. and indeed first actual conversation with:- “Dave King”.

Once agin the term supersoldier is a bad use of a name, in the simplest way to get across a basic concept.

Dave has a stiking resemblance to Marie Kayali. (editor’s note)

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