Bases Fast Blast July 2019

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James Casbolt released..? North Pole Shift Bases 100 funding, such a great deal of work needs done on this news from Lurgan, Bases 3 on the Rendlesham Forest UFO events, at last being edited..a great deal of information, from as far back as 2005.
The Solar minimum coupled with the TWIN North pole shift is extremely serious, as the polar issues results in a lot more moisture in the clouds.. facing a cold that could tip into the Ice age ina few years time.
Thank YOU to the Donors, who have enabled many projects and up grades to happen. Getting to the recent Awakening UFO conference in Manchester, and the Electric Universe conference at Bath University..crucial new information there.

A concerted effort is required for an Independent News channel!

This is also to bring attention to guys at who need funding to keep this independent research unit going.

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