Bases Chichester 80 UFO event before NY

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approximately 80, EIGHTY UFOs seen vectoring in umltiple directions across Goodwood Chichester location, early evening Dec 31st 2019, not far from one of Britains most importnat NAVY Bases, also connected to a major ET Grey prisoner recovery by ANCIENT Beings, desribed by former head of MJ 12, Carol Thatcher in the NSA, to James Casbolt who showed her an image from John Walson’s video of that event at Goodwood race track many years ago…. (Carol Thatcher was head of MJ 12, as her mother was as dark they come and NOPT the being we all knew and ‘loved’)
Last night’s UFO event is availble on the Bases, Gridkeeper and the man who shot thye material, John Walson’s site. The call to Walso was many minutes into the event

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