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Meeting an ordinary member of the public with her story, this is Lleyn’s witness statement and experience, her note to me follows:-

I Mentioned – I have My Own JFK Info – Current Stats on where he is, who he is & what Etheric, LightCouncil he’s on – regarding the Planet’s Future

He came to me – Unexpectedly – working w/
My Regressionist – on IP Souls – which I M – InterplanetarySoul
(Book:”Souls on Earth” by Dr. Linda Backman)

I have this on my phone & can let U listen to this clip! JFK – is not a High Member of This Council – just a RegularCouncil Bloak – trying to do the Best for Humanity & the Universe!

My Former Life – in the Theatre
Medieval Women’s Issues WriterMy 1967

Former Miss America Entry
My Extensive Nationa/International Animal Rights ActivismThen – Boom!
In Phila. – at the Age of 30 – My Life Awakened into the Mantid Reality – when they Visited Me in My Grandfather’sHouse – Two Tall, Dark Mantids – Wearing Sugarras – Ancient Egyptian Ascension Helmets — & this is Exactly What My Preference Became – To Ascend

I started speaking Mantid
My Water from the Tap – Ran Lavender & Still Does – to This Day

White Pulsating Light surrounded the Corners of My Mouth

My Eating & Liquid Intake narrowed to 6 Days/Week – while traversing America!I spent Most Days – in Deep Meditation & Prayer – as the Anchorites of the Middle Ages

I Endeavored to Achieve StigmataWrote about these Experiences in Newspapers & Magazines of the 90’sAppeared on Radio Shows – offering Clairvoyant, Audient, & Sentient Readings

Then in 2016 – found myself on a Craft w/These Mantids & My Kitty!In 2018 – upon the Passing of This Beloved Kitty – was visited by a “LACE” Being!Just b’4 This Conference – found Myself inside the Consciousness of a Green w/Blue Corrigated Grey Being!

I have been inside the Consciousness of Many Beings – Tryassuraus RexA Blade of GrassDirtI relate All of These Experiences, Miles – to Spiritual Social Justice!Indeed – I assisted
My Attorney Brother – in the Writing of His Brief B’4 His 2nd Presentation B’4 the US SupremeCourtJFK

I M Involved in Sharing the Message of the Dangers, Collusion, Corruption of Vaccines – w/My Physician Brother -who speaks b’4 Senate Committees, the CDC, Orthodox Rabbis …I Hold Close to My Heart – Miles – Robert Kennedy’s – “Mindless Menace of Violence” Speech:’The Worst Kind of Violence is the Violence of Indifference, Inaction, & Decay’!& JFK’s -“Where U See a Wrong -Try to Write It”!I have met with:Edgar Cayce’s Son – Hugh Lynn Cayce Anne Frank’s Only Surviving Relative

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross – “On Death & Dying”My Own Family’s Cadre of History Makers is Vast!

Miles of What I Wish to Expose To Others
Time Is Running Short on Earth – going in the Direction We R & There R Those of Us w/Answers, Experiences – ThatCan Offer Hope to Millions – Because We Have Gone B’4 Them & Lived In the DeepTrenches, In the Recesses of Humanity – Where the Corners R Dark & Found Our Way Back to the Light

We R Avatars, Way•Showers, Teachers
Thank U – Miles – for This Golden Opportunity – to Share – as They Say in AA:My Experience, Strength & Hope…!& As They Also Say:
“Don’t Give Up – B’4 Ur Miracle Happens”

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