Bases at The Black Swan with Dave Moncoeur

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Dave Moncoeur is a veteran researcher in the UFO subject, and much of his work is undiscovered. Here he discusses the death of Ron Adams (Bases 2), followed on with the MILABs at USAF Bentwaters, the Bentwaters Grey Aliens and a terror of Spiders, and subsequent strange deaths of Tony Dodd, Graham Birdsall, BUFORA editor Ken Philips, and the Marconi Scientists, and those BBC strange deaths.. this and more.
With some further input from the first speaker of the day, Jane Shattock (whose uncle bought the St Ives home for James Casbolt)… The days speakers were followed with a couple of experiencer cases. Dave was preceded by the late Max Spier’s mother Vanessa Bates, and Jane Shattock on human re-incarnation what happens and what happens when it goes wrong
Further mention of UFO issues in the Lake District.
Dave has featured on Bases before and makes specific reference co-researcher Lisa M Williams (Bases One, Two and 9). This is mainly for the UFO community..if they can stop have petty arguments, and get out of the Roswell-Rendlesham Forest mess.

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