Bases at The Black Swan Vanessa Bates Max’s Mum

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Max Spiers died just over a year ago to the date of this recording. Vanessa Bates, his mother, gives this unique address to a small audience in Wiltshire, “Bases at The Black Swan” July 22nd 2017. Vanessa, has to speak with care, as she is under legal restraint.

One of the designated speakers for this avent, who had Max on her shows, and was an “ex” Mi6 agent was not present as that individual promised. Threats were made soon afterwards, against the event organizer, a “sparing partner” of Max, who is ijn a jail near by, and (see end shots) where Jane meets Vanessa on camera.

A live event with consequences. The Tavistock Institute is mentioned. Bases 2016 was to have been a show case for Max Spiers.

This is Vanessa Bates, the mother of the late Max Spiers, with Miles Johnston, at the Black Swan Inn, Devizes, Wiltshire Sat July 22nd 2017

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