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‘The Bases At’ series promotes new speakers and the ability of experiencers to voice their events, in a public domain in an Open Mic format. This time Targeted Individual ‘Danielle’ gives her voice. The background here is, she stopped local Police a couple fo miles from the venue, and her car was confiscated (in pouring rain). This was later found due her former partner not renewing the insurance. But this was a month ago, and she had driven 250 miles from Leeds unimpaired.. so this was a message from ‘the powers that be’, to intimidate the Bases event with a “parachuted in ” TI.

A 2nd witness who was able to ask questions during other lectures was a no show, so a 3rd witness, anonymous, was given a final few minutes of this end of conference event to speak.

Witnesses and TIs, and Experiencers are welcome, for a special event later. do contact

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