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Most witnesses and those involved have all been murdered, with the John F Kennedy Coup de Ta, by enemies of the free world. The assassination of President John F Kennedy we are lied to by mainstream media The Fake News merchants, that Lee Harvey Oswald did it. We know he didn’t and his close friend, lover and colleague Judyth Vary Baker , at Alternative View 8, gave 2 lectures detailing why and how.
Thanks to Ian R Crane, Judyth was able to give a short interview after a day of close workshops (Not recorded) at the close out of the 2017 AV8 conference, I was able to get this interview, where she details he early work as a genius “Whiz Kid”,cancer scientist and her random meeting with a young man she came to love. Lee Harvey Oswald.
Judyth came out of hiding in recent years, now with 3 books of immense detail she gives this snap shot of the events that led to the assassination, and Lee’s murder. Many have since been killed. Judyth moves randomly from place to place, and can only be contacted on Facebook.
But what we have here is the direct link, now to humanity becoming Cyborg. She discusses “letters to the Cyborgs” as she warns of humanity’s imminent sleep walk into a Cyborg future

Recorded at the end of AV8, see for DVDs and extra details of her information, and more.

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