Bases 96 part 2 Tanglefoot Geni Sisk at UfoMegaCon 2019

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Bases in America, at the UFOMegaCon 2019 at the Aquarius Resort, southern Nevada, we met Tanglefoot IN PERSON, so we caught a few moments of her time to get further down to her traumatic experiences notably her change from a Texan to a Brit-Brummie accent!, and what positive aspects of that she is now wishing to contribute.

TangleFoot is a Thunder Shaman, walk-in, researcher and contactee offering a safe and sacred space for other walk-ins, those who have had extraterrestrial, or any paranormal encounters throughout their lifetime in order to bring forth validation and healing, in a group setting. TangleFoot would like to encourage and inspire you to come and discuss your experience without judgement and assist with any trauma based encounters so that you may break free from any chains that may seem to bind an individual starting with the mind. One on one session will be offered as well, with herself or Theta Healing by her colleague, who is well equipped in the UFO community.

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