Bases 95 Part 1 Laura’s interrupted Journey

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Laura’s interrupted journey is about the loss of her children to the social services, changes in their physical appearance, eye colour, never to be seen again.

Talk of soul switching, trafficking, and a 40 year child trafficking ring in high places, through Ireland involving paramilitaries and German sources in Ireland… and this person should not even have got pregnant.
A report of two alien “Green Crocodile” ‘people in a Edinburgh class room, taking some of the kids away for a while….part of the sceret but public Alien invasion program being pushed on Britain’s schools, specifically NOT telling their parents. Trauma in the Class room.

The rumours of an alien-military base in north east Edinburgh and more

This is present day Britain, with the stenec of pedophile rings to match..

Laura tried making her way to tell her story twice, this is her interrupted journey, and she tells it from her stand point with documents and photographs as best as she can.

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