Bases 88 Tim Tony Stark Rifat’s Gridkeeper Suppliments 01

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This is a complete package of the three important suppliments Tim Rifat asked to be on Bases, prior thim leaving “enemy territory” as he put it on the Jeff Rense Show, Miles gives his 10p worth to introduce this compilation,

The blurb:-
Tim Tony Stark Rifat gives us a short overview of his unique Super Soldier Service which is available to the public. The assemblage point over the right shoulder blade is moved to the base of the head creating a Metatronic State which is 1 down from the Grail Stated being Tim Tony Stark Rifat. The Metatronic State allows one to freely enter hellspace and C space to erase or create real world effects.

This is the psychic scalpel service which utilises a part of the anti-ageing technology as shown in our Super Soldier Service.


WARNING! Everything That Uplines To The Rothschilds…..

In this video Tim Tony Stark Rifat explains what happens to the people who upline to the Rothschilds.

Presented by Tim Tony Stark Rifat.

Do follow Rifat on the Jeff Rense show, and Gridkeeper youtube site, there is more to be revealed.

The comedy has gone now, its getting serious, and its all actually to try and save “your” necks!

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