Bases 88 Part 8 JFK Casbolt Tim Rifat and more

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This live stream covers a great deal of information, and gives exclusive insight as to what happened in the Book depository in Dallas as the masonic ritual slaughter of John F Kennedy took place.
Conspirators Nixon, Bush and Johnson, all taken out .. and the Clintons involved after the fact.
Much more on the secrets of the illuminati, now being made public so everyone can get aquainted with this advanced ancient technology.

James Casbolt has only just released a coded message about why he was moved. James met the woman who heads MJ12, as more suppressed secrts are revealed from Gidkeeper
Enemies Taj and company attack, and so on.

Stepping Outside the matrix of the Checker baord. . This is an edited upload from the recording of the live.

There is a lot of important data here. You do need to get across Bases 88 1-7 and the many further detailed videos by Gridkeeper, with Tim Rifat’s dat available to download on his sites.

Orlando Bloom and Max Spiers and that Ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral

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