Bases 88 Part 6 Tim Rifat Explains Colin Bloy

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Mi6 used a Magus, Colin Bloy to execute gobal programs to remove, control or action certain events, such as the destruction of western civilisation, and a thing like the Miner’s strike.And The destruction of the Soviet Union. But he was not successful with China. Thus Psychic old as the hills.

Colin Bloy was a Magus, Tim Rifat was his Assistant, as Tim can “see” energies”. Tim, as explained in earlier parts has the “keys”. The Rothschilds using Mi5, want rid of him…
Here, after a long day’s walkabout lecture in Brighton, Time explains a bit about Colin Bloy
Bases 88 MUST be Watched in Sequence.
The Gridkeeper is also uploading to his site, various appendices to the ones shot by Bases. These will be published as a Appendix to Bases 88 on this site.

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