Bases 88 Part 5a Physics of Psycxhic Warfare The Walkabout

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Ipsissimus Tim Rifat’s Physics of Psychic Warfare walkabout section in the centre of Brighton, on England’s south coast,for Part 5, is way too long, to watch in one go, so I have cut it into 4 parts, a,b,c and d. The lecture section is Part 5-2

Starting at ST BARTHOLOMEW church BRIGHTON, we also feature a short description from the Grid Keeper of events INSIDE the Peasemore base, (see Bases 1) with him, James Casbolt, and Sohail, who has undergone emergency surgery to remove alien biological matter from his spine. Sohail is now paralyzed, and remains in hospital.

This series is complicated and MUST BE WATCHED IN NUMBER ORDER

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