Bases 88-8 The Gridkeeper aka Duncan Davis Explains Tim Rifat

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Gridkeeper LIVE to explain Tim Rifat Total Intent Manifest
Gridkeeper live via the phone explains some of the deep and complex issues raiused since the first Tim Rifat interview (Bases 88-1) in the summer 2018, after Tims flat was raided by Mi5. This is extremely seriopus material which is having major effects of our reality and global politics.
This is also the first live stream since John Urwin’s video breached YouTube guid lines over 2 and half years after it’s upload…; Nice one censorship retrospectively.

The listner must understand that this follows on from the previous live with Duncan in Part 7. Please see Gridkeeper’s Facebook Page under his Duncan Davis name, and the YouTubes which explain much of this on his YouTube site. Tim Rifat has a number websites. Download all of the materials from them.
The commercial servces are available.

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