Bases 87 Part 1 Wendy Targeted Individual

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Introducing Wendy C-C, who is a Targeted Individual.
Here she gives a wide and detailed account of the deep sinister issues behind this subject, and the scale of attack on humanity from a vile alien species hidden within our society.

The shroud of Turin and its connection with ritual sacrifice for a Nephilim blood feast across the world, in a secret trade.

Recorded in May 2018, this is also to support the Purple Summer against child abuse in June 2018.

She has contacted me in support during horrendous abuse and attacks, and defamation I am going through from 3 previous Bases interviewees who have turned vitriolically hostile . I was warned some months ago that a US based group wishes the totally wipe out of the entire Bases site and all the testimony and interviews , of which about 800 plus are on the other main old YouTube site.

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