Bases 85 part 4 Mark Steele 5G LED lights Health Effects

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Mark Steele is an informed campaigner against the illegal use of blue spectrum (BLINDING) LED lighting, which is being installed in conjunction with millimeter wave (Extremely toxic) 24-300GHZ technology, in the 5G role out, which is extremely dangerous to ALL Life.
Mark has been through the court system and now illegal 5G – LED technology is being removed. But its now being rushed through before more people wake up in other areas.

His logic is simple:- Why are governements rush installing 5G, which damages our immune systems, while the Corona Virus spreads all over the world. It is an incompatible situation.
So his conclusion is the Virus is a Hoax. If not:- STOP installing 5G.
Its that simple.

The blue spectrum in LED lights causes damage to the retina, Macular Degeneration, which is a cumulative kill off of cells in our retina. Each time you are blinded by the glare of these street lights and car headlights, its one step closer to permanent blindness.
Even the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) accepts this technology is dangerous, yet they are ignored and 5G & LED lights continues to be intalled.
The logic is our governements and various agencies are compromised, and we are at WAR for our lives, our sight and our survival, in what is actually an Economic attack on all our societies by a lethal evil enemy which is Not Organic.

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