Bases 78 Orgone Bubble Tech Bill Teising 2019

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Bill Teisign is an Electrical Engineer with experience in Hi Voltage technology and electrical and electronic systems on a professional level. He noticed the Orgone technology had real world effects.

He discovered the effects of simple conductive and non conductive materials mixed togther creatred an “Orgone Bubble” field effect.

Tesla coils with these materials created a massive field, which had beneficial effects to all living beings.

This is an Update in 2019, to the advances in this technoogy, and the measurable technologies (similar to that which shows sonic waves from aircraft profiles) giving effective feedback on this can be developed further. Because the United Staes Energy commision does not “like” the term Orgone, other terms have been used.

The discoverer of Orgone, Willhelm Reich died in a US prision because he found out about this energy.

The term “orgone” is banned by the United States. WHY?

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