Bases 75 3 Lockdown food freedom with Mimi Nelson

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This is all about growing food at home, and so Mimi Nelson, in Vancouver sent a look at her wonderful garden some months ago. This live update on how its all going was recorded a few days ago. Due to a lot of drop out, we did a few retakes on the live feed, from her home, on a 40C summers day around mid day her time.

Thank YOU Mimi for the hints and suggestions, and inventiveness, so people can grow their own food, and still have a wonderful to enjoy.

We are now in a the rundown as average global temperatures drop by 1C in the next two solar cycles. Magnetic field issues means we will have a lot more moisture in the air, and thus when it gets cold a lot more snow. AND harvest failures.
So this is one way you can grow your own food.

So if YOU have different climate and suggestions on how grow YOUR own, email miles, and we can see how You are solving the problems where you are.

Mimi’s YouTube channel is VANCOUVER UFO

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