Bases 64 part 1 Irish Alien Abductee Gerry Battles

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Gerry Battles is an Alien Abductee from Limerick, south west Ireland, in 2001. He was able to hold his cool, and engage with an ET which gave him a great deal of extra time. He was part of a mass abduction in Ireland, with over 150 people.
This in depth and extremely detailed account has a singular message:- ALL our governments are corrupt, they are Lying to us, and we face an Extinction Level Event. Humanity must wake up and deal with the problem, while there is time for us to do something about it.
With thanks to Irish UFO Research Centre veteran Chris Gaffney, and Bases witness and Hypnotherapist Katherina Kavungu in Dublin.

His paintings and detailed account are unique, as this is all conscious recall.

this is part 1 of another session of Irish witnesses. Further parts follow with 3 women, with exceptional intelligenec and expereince. two with NDE accounts, almost identical in pattern

With thanks to the Irish UFO Research Centre, now reactivated after over 30 years

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