Bases 58 Sandy GlazeInstitutional Abuse in Canada Part 2 2nd edition

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In Part 1 we introduced Sandy is conversation, now she gives her data in full mode. Institutional abuse at all levels across the government state bodies when it comes to trafficking and abuse… Following on from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and so on. This is so the abusers get away with it scot free. The deliberate destruction of the natural sexs, and the horrific mutiliation of young girls. All protected by the state. The Goyem are to be disposed of, including the Jewish Goyem who have only now realised no one gets away.

Satanic Ritual Abuse and much further.
We need to Listen, Institutional Child Abuse, with ALL sections of the Western governmental institutions involved.

Reference to Tim Rifat’s actions are made.

This is a serious interview, Take CARE.

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