Bases 57 Part 7 Nazi POWs in America Tulelake Merrill

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This is a highly detailed lecture and discussion with former cellphoen technology engineer, who installed -decided where to put the towers- in the Pacific North West. Gabe has now discovered extremely detail family links with the Good Felloe secret society, and the Masons. In WW2 1000 Nazi PoWs were stationed near his home town, at Tulelake. The Tule society comes to mind.
A complet replicator of Stonehenge discovered on specific reference to angles, lines connecting Masonic Leoges, energy centres. A very highly complex web is being exposed here.

Do help Gabe to get away from his effective prison where he is now. Use his donate link to help. Also follow up the examples he has shown here, so you can get more of his data from his own YouTube site.

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