Bases 57 Gabe Cruz TI Part 3 Insectoid Intell

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Published on 18 Feb 2016

Crown Shakra open..? Gabe Cruz, a brilliant twenty year plus cellphone tower dseigner-installer-maintennace enegeer from the north west of the United Sates, continues his disclosure of an insectoid intelliegenecf desperatley contacting us, due to widespread disruption of nature by the now full spread spectrum transmissions by humanity. As witha highway in the forest, natures needs its pathways to live. We are jamming it with no recourse to what we are doing with such wideband massive digital signals.

Gabe’s “Crown Shakra” appears to have been split open allowing a massive amount of information to flow. This can result in pain and trauma.

Electrical effects on the microphones and the Skype signal and the cameras (Audio sync corrected) but some sections left to illustrate the problem. (Miles’s mic at the start died as soon as we started to record)

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