Bases 54 TI Christopher Bertolino Part 1

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The advancement of Deep Brain Stimulation technology is an advance on the earlier implants shown to us by Marie Kayali, Kieron Lee Perrin and Rainette Jones. Christopher Bertolini, a MILAB, gives an extremely detailed and horrific account on how he is a living test bed of horrific implants, making his every bodily function subject to control. He is a test bed for advanced neurostimulation systems.
His eyes have devices implanted so what he sees others do.
Wires inside his head. Invasive surgery … appalling and terrible.
We are being shown ‘The BORG’ right in front of our eyes.
The Secret Space Program being revealed further to us, as the terror of 5G encapsulates our every existence. This is the progressive mechanisation of the human body. The end of life as we know it.

This continues the current TI release of new information, packed with MRI and X-ray images of his implants and photographs of the scars and marks showing where they went in.

Part 2 may follow
Further data is at James Rink’s supersoldier site.

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