Bases 3 Rendlesham Forest UFO event Appendix B witness Karren mp4

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With Bases 3 concluded, we have Appendix B, the interview with insider, Karren (US citizen) with Brenda Butler.
This shows conclusively the craft were NOT Alien UFOs, but something else entirely. Space Shuttle, multiple craft.
A highly complex case. Bringing in the Northern Ireland and Scottish base complex region of RAF Machrihanish, known as a cloaked base involved with the secret space program.

The interviews and transcript from Brenda Butler, had others with her doing the interview. Audio is difficult.

The transcript does NOT follow the audio.The researcher may find it best to watch and READ the transcript, with audio silent.
Listen to the audio Afterwards. Its very poor quality.
But this was a get it or loose it.

A Russian “bear” and a Russian submarine on the surface is shown. Possibly due to the crash of a “Dark” Space Shuttle which failed to make it to the Woodbridge runway
This is RAW research material.
Provided for the wider public.

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