Bases 3 Part 6 : Rendlesham UFO Events Walkthrough

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The walk through of the Rendlesham Forest UFO trail. An all day walk and talk in the summer of 2006, with British researchers Brenda Butler and Peter Parish, ending in the cut down zone called Area 1, where Parish explains the radiation readings on the actual tree stumps still visible for research. These readings were still there 20 years after the event in 2000.

The second camera media has vanished, and this had the 2nd audio mics. So this edit has some difficult to hear audio sections. This delay in editing this steady cam trip was so the original 2nd camera media could be found, but no :- its gone.
It was also the first BASES to be shot in HD.

Other audo media will be included in future parts.
An earlier “Part 6” was pulled when the interviewee owned up to fraud, and making her story up.

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