Bases 3 Appendix A The Gladstone Witness by Brenda Butler

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Rendlesham Forest UFO events, with this short interview with Mr Gladstone, who saw one of the very first incidents of teh first night, the crashed silver object, being tended to by three men in silver protection suits. near the Woodbridge runway, in Rendlesham forest, the first night of the multiple “UFO” “UAP” events. Now considered secret space program craft.
Interviewed in 1983 by Brenda Butler. This has synchronised invision notes by Brenda. Some other visiual items, such as a detailed map of TEN landing sites of interest, a illustration of the object at the time , later coinsidered disc craft embedded in the soil.

Mr Gladstone’s wife was to die suddenly soon after the interview, and he left the area never to return. He explains how CIA men were knocking on doors telling the general public to shut up or else.

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