Bases 3-8 Part 2 Peter Parish Rendlesham 2019

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Peter Parish continues his research revue in the second session. Looking back on at the great Hurrican of 197. Many issues remain, and he now considers it to be an Invasion, with thousands of invisible craft of some kind causing laserations on the same side of hundreds of thousnads of trees. A physical craft cuttuing the side of teh trees. During his rsearch he has been exposed to radiation burns, and explains how animals on teh Rendlesham twin base complexs died. A major MoD cover up of radioactive proportions.
Bases is indebted to Peter for handing over so many photographs and drawings.
The 1977 Landing of SIX triangual craft in front a group of school children in the forest is explained.
There is no doubt this involves a secret space program and extremely advanced two man craft. The 1980 events were not unique.

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