Bases 2017 Ireland Awakens Sandra Fecht

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The Bases Lectures series continue from The Ireland Awakens conference held in Dublin, in Sept 2017. This is Canadian, Sandra Fecht a stalwart campaigner against Satanic Ritual Abuse.
Several of her team visited Ireland and then the UK. This is her first lecture on camera in the British Isles.

This is the first lecture from the conference, held after a day’s field trip to the Energy 1906 FM border blaster dance music station used to broadcast in Monaghan, nearby transmitter site, where the station controller, Lawrence John, was abducted by ETs, via interdimensional portal at the ancient “St Patrick’s Chair and Well site, less than a mile ay in Northern Ireland. This trip also included a visit to Castle Leslie, home of the late Desmnd Leslie, author of many UFO books in the early years.

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