Bases 2016 Conference Update late June

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Further Bases Conference updates as the countdown continues with some extra features CARS, fast ones…
Important scientific speakers will be speaking, Eamonn and Catherine Ansbro. Eamonn will discuss Actual UFO video material, at certain locations in Ireland and SETI. Astronomer and researcher, Eamon has been publishing in the scientific literature on near earth objects. His work was featured 15 years or more ago, in one of the last issues of the late Graham Birdsall’s UFO magazine. Catherine Ansbro will be lecturing on the importnace of life consciousness with other living beings and life forms on earth.

These are scientific lectures , and some sections will not be made available online.

Igor Witkowski’s lectures will be seminal in the key elements of the German Science behind such advanced concepts as the “The Nazi Bell”. The so called German Flying Saucers, and more.
This is a crucial step forward into the public domain of vitally important scientific issues and concepts. Such issues have until now only been addressed to academic audiences.

Shot while under canvass while attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed, so some cars have been added as part of the thrill and atmosphere.

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