Bases 114 Shaun A Quinn Witness Part 2

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Shaun A Quinn is a MILAB, and has shown using the red wine test in part 1, what looks like Morgellons fibers being widespread in the atmosphere. He has studied a great deal, we discuss many issues in this part 2. Data provided from some websites, and the death of a forward thinking young man, who spotted the alarming ritual of the 2012 London Olympics for telling are desperate situation we are now in , in 2021.Rik Clay was murdered after spotting the horrendous ritual committed at the London Olympics, A young man cut down in his prime,

DARPA, DERA, MK Ultra and the infiltration by the Nazis into society through the Paperclip and other programs in various countries, which has brought us to the situation we are in today. WW2 never ended.

Shaun has had a wide experience, and highlighted that Extra Universal life is now intruding into our universe. Via Skype from the north of England.
This is chat, rather than a presentation, with frequent interruptions in the Skype feed.

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