Bases 113 Machrihanish St Mawgan by Johnny Part 1 2nd edtion

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Machrihanish and St Mawgan, two RAF Bases used by the United States Navy, for undersea operations, involving nuclear depth charges. The cases involved here are the now claimed British Shoot Down of the infamous Chinook helicopter “accident” which killed Northern Ireland’s premier intelligence and forensics specialists, so the actual detail on the terrorist organizations, the IRA and UDA-UFF etc groups could be hidden prior to the so called Peace Process. Sinn Fein now well known as being an Mi6-DVD operation, and the others..similar.. This is Dark State intell, and the association with these bases with “Welsh Triangle” issues, are involved. That’s undersea ET operational traffic, and take downs by nuclear depth charges, by the USN Seals.

This is a Disclosure event, sighting deep state and Project Paperclip ‘intell’ issues, and the issues of matrix space in the region.

The SSP and deep underground bases in the Lake District, associated with the deep ET bases in Carlingford Lough, Cattle mutilations, and Radio Caroline, ..all in the same zone. Machrihanish – Carlingford to Cornwall, and right around the north of Ireland to Sligo..all undersea issues…
David Moncoeur Bases News interview kicked this response off, with a Bases source, designated “Johnny”, who was in both of the mentioned bases, and sets the record straight. The astute investigator will note the use of heavy steel pressure hulls for Space use, and the Lunar Base(s), hints to the SSP.
AND undersea Nukes used to terminate undersea hostile USO activity?

Two veteran researchers, Sharon Larkin and David Moncoeur are saluted for their brave efforts in their investigations of the region.

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