Bases 107 part 1 Andrea Foulkes Pleiedian Connections

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Andrea has a genuine warmth and enthusiasm for people and life a modern day Spiritual Teacher. A natural communicator and Intuitive Visionary, she has a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life, countries, religions and cultures and is a Catalyst for Positive Change in reclaiming your Authentic Power.

Here in Bases 107 part 1 she is introduced to Bases with a blast of positivity, incisive insight and deep anlaysis on many levels, from her home near Glastonbury, Somerset England. She is a former guest on ITV, a QVC presenter and hosted her iwn show on ITV before being banned for talking New World Order and stuff like that!

Her bio continues:-
In 2000 without seeking it Andrea experienced an amazing spiritual awakening & transformation, working with her Higher-Self / Authentic Self, which changed her life. This awakening gave her no option but to live and speak her highest truth, bestowing upon her a gateway to intuitive and transformative knowledge and wisdoms. Awakening the ability to read the EMOTIONAL AKASHIC SOUL RECORDS. Past Lives, Inner Child, Ancestral Lineages and Sense Entities. She also speaks SOUL LIGHT LANGUAGE CODES and TRANSMISSIONS to assist other souls in their own awakening to SELF LOVE, beyond DIS- EASE to live in the NOW.

Recorded during the Corona lock down, on March 22nd 2020


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