Bases 103 Peter the Insider Part 2 The ACIO

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Peter the insider with Jessica, give a presentation on the aspects of the Council of 5 and the ACIO.
History of the ACIO

There is no recorded date regarding the creation of the ACIO, it is an organization that has existed throughout the pre-history and history of the human race. They have been instrumental in the process of documenting and assessing much of the activity on the planet. In addition, they have also acted as observers of all flora, fauna and intelligent beings on Earth.

According to the ACIO, they have been observing the evolution of all aspects of the entire planet. They were only here to observe until the Ancient Cultures began to evolve because it presented other issues that needed to be addressed.

The ACIO have been an 80% influence upon all civilizations and likewise, the civilizations have influenced the ACIO by an average of 20%.

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